Thursday, May 31, 2012


We believe that Hardcore is more than music and that Hardcore shows are more than just a places to be  on Saturday night for having a good time. So we will share with you some inspirational words and Hardcore philosophy from people involved into underground scene from all over the world. 
Take care
You come into this world with your fate already laid out for you. No matter you race, gender, sexuality, or economic status, there  is a well-traveled path that you are expected to follow and everyone has an archetype to fit into and a role to play. You go to their schools, you adopt their values, you slave in their institutions, you buy their distractions, and most of all you follow their rules. It seems that life and death are bookends to a lifetime of obedience to a system aimed at striping you of your individuality and controlling you through fear. Don't question the system or you will be marked as a fool. Don't stand up for what you believe in or you will be an outcast. Don't go against the grain or you will be beaten down by the fists of conformity. Keep quit, known your place, play your role.

For some people there is no other way. Maybe they have never stopped to question how their lives have unfolded, maybe they have never been encouraged to break the mold, or maybe they are too afraid to stand up and live life by their own rules. But, for the select few with the desire, and courage to take control of their own existence there is something more to connect to - Hardcore. More than a type of music, a fashion, or the scene to hang out in, Hardcore is a way of life. A steadfast refusal to being just another pebble on the beach, and an unrelenting commitment to forging your own path. Its a life of connecting to new ideas, learning about the world around you, questioning the norms, and standing up for your beliefs. Most of all Hardcore is a discipline of freedom aimed at changing the world around us, forging meanings in our lives, and actualizing our true identities. Its true that like any social setting,  that community that supports this lifestyle suffers from the same trends, gossip, and materialism of typical society. But, beyond these distractions there lays a profound truth to be found-if we have the courage we can break free of the system and take back our lives. Treue Hardcore lives, show the way.

-Patrick Kitzel, Reaper records
-Aram Arslanian, React! records

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