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Rebuild & Business as usual in Ox magazine

Ox magazine april-may. Hardcore, more than music.
Thanks to Chris and BAU crew for telling the story about our scene and for helping us grow.♥

For more info about EQUIPMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE go to

For a hardcore scene in Novi Sad, Serbia: More than music
equipment support initiative
When we crossed the suburbs of Novi Sad (population: 400,000), I am shocked.        
Vacancies, collapsed buildings, an omnipresent grey. 24 hours later, the world looks completely different. After a successful BUSINESS AS USUAL show and a nice sightseeing tour we sit together with Bojan (REBUILD COLLECTIVE) at the Danube (Donau)  beach and joke around. It is a rare and nice feeling to have so many things in common.

Who would have thought that we would meet such a positive way of life here. In a society which knows failing states, war and NATO air-raids as well as economic depression. Which experienced nationalism and dictatorship and which managed a revolution in 1999 that had no further implications. A society formed by the politics of former henchmen of the Milošević-regime, capitalistic exploitation, corruption and the mafia. A society staring into a gaping abyss between poor and rich, in which 1.5 of 6 million people are unemployed. In which a lack of prospects goes hand in hand with feelings of helplessness.
Yet, where many people would lose all hope, the kids here just start to do something. “Unity through diversity” is the motto of the REBUILD COLLECTIVE, a young organization of old stagers and enthusiastic kids. REBUILD organizes hardcore/punk shows, does PR, assists and supports bands and promotes a positive lifestyle.
This is not easy, since the situation concerning hardcore and punk in Novi Sad is difficult. There are fantastic bands like THROUGH THESE EYES, ALL EXCEPT ONE, FURTIVE FOREST, but they are not able to tour and communicate their ideas to the rest of Europe. They do not have their own places to practice; since they do not have their own equipment, they pay for each rehearsal. For a show, they are forced to borrow their equipment, pay the club, the technician, the security. This quickly amounts to 150 Euros, while the entrance fee is 2 Euros. You can add up for yourself how profitable that is. By the way, 2 Euros are pretty much contrasted with a monthly income of 250 Euros and a juvenile unemployment lying above the European average. Especially younger kids cannot even afford this, but if there is a chance, they put everything together, organize carpools and come from all over the region to see the touring and the local bands. For the bands there only rarely remains a plus. Given these conditions it is a small wonder that a vital scene has been founded which organizes concerts on a weekly basis.
The key to keeping this scene alive and guaranteeing its development is the equipment. This costs as much as the equipment in Germany, if not more than that. Due to the protectionism import tariff must be paid which turns the expensive goods into unattainable goods. Only if the whole scene is provided with equipment, REBUILD would be able to save money, provide the local bands with a complete backline and send them on tour.
Thus, our band BUSINESS AS USUAL collects equipment with the EQUIPMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE to bring it to Novi Sad supporting the local subculture. We would be happy if people would like to help us realizing this initiative. Word-of-mouth recommendations are necessary, but real help and action is essential.
BUSINESS AS USUAL started organizing solidarity shows to spread the idea and to collect equipment. Even a D.I.Y. sampler has been released. The first pieces of equipment has already been collected and the first transport is about to start. Friends and bands driving into the region and the NGO SCHUELER HELFEN LEBEN (Students help to live) support us. Our goal is to found a long-term initiative which first donates equipment to REBUILD and helps to equip the club CK 13. We need everything which belongs to a good backline: guitar and bass amps, speakers, PA (parts), monitors, microphones and cables. Everything a band needs – for free would be best. Please help!
Until then, we can only recommend every band to go to Novi Sad. The historically important city at the Danube (Donau) with its flair of the k.u.k. monarchy teaches you the beauty of socialist mouse-grey; you see a nice historic center and drink coffee in front of the mafia restaurant at the fortification of Petrovaradin. Alternatively, you can have tofu-pasta-pieces of art in the university district, which you can enjoy at the Danube beach. In the evening, Serbian bands lovingly wear out your high-end equipment and play you off the stage with their experience and skills. After that, you can have – if you would like to drink – tasty beer in bottles of 2 liters. 

 translation by 
Kevizzel from BAU

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IN SANE / Slovenia

House show in Novi Sad

HOUSE SHOW - Thursday - 26 April - 2012 - Novi Sad


LD KHARST / post hardcore-instrumental / Francuska

REFLECTIONS OF INTERNAL RAIN / PMA- hardcorepunk- salsa / Sirbistan

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Reflection of Internal Rain - "Last Flood" 2009

. split w/deer in the headlights

.after party 22h
CRNA OVCA / Kralja Aleksandra 10- I sprat

26 - APRIL  - 2012
Email us if you want to come to find out about house adress.
rebuild.collective at gmail dot com