Monday, October 15, 2012

New T-shirt

New "XXI crew" T-shirt design will be available at EDGE DAY FEST 2012 in Novi Sad.
18.October 2012.
or order it via our email

Friday, October 12, 2012

Edge day 2012 / Novi Sad

18. October 2012.

THE BRIDGE /// Belgrade
BECOME AS ONE /// Novi Sad

HARDFACED /// Macedonia

venue: CK13
city: Novi Sad
street: Vojvode Bojovica 13

clobbering time: 8PM
300 rsd

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Become As One - Foundation crack EP

Our friends just recorded 5 new songs . This EP is lyrically and musically true hardcore release and we suggest you to dig it and support these guys. If you want to hear how would 411 sounds like today check Become As One HERE.
facebook page
bandcamp page

Saturday, June 16, 2012

hardcore show

Sunday 17. June. Hardcorepunk show in Novi Sad.

AGENT ATITUDE - Uppsala, Sweden
80s hardcorepunk 
bandcamp link

metal hardcore
music video 

venue: CK13
doors: 8pm
clobbering time: 9pm
ticket: 250 rsd / 2.5e

show flyer by paper, glue and scissors

Saturday, June 2, 2012

It was a good day...

Photos from last weekend trip to Belgrade where we played and hang out with our friends on NOOSE / Chicago XVX band, Nothing Else to Do, Conviction and Furtive Forest show.


Furtive Forest
Nothing Else to Do

Nothing Else To Do

Furtive Forest


Nothing Else To Do

all photos by our friend

Friday, June 1, 2012


Reflection of Internal Rain Euro Tour starts today!!!

Best wishes dudes.
If you got a chance, definitely check this awesome hardcore band from Novi Sad. Here is the list of places where you can find them on this tour:
Jun 01 Budapest, HU at house show
Jun 02 Wien, AT Venster 99
Jun 03 Prague, CZ
Jun 04 Liberec, CZ
Jun 05 Berlin, DE
Jun 06 Hameln, DE
Jun 08 Leiden, NL
Jun 09 Lille, FR
Jun 11 Laval, FR
Jun 12 Paris, FR
Jun 13 Strasbourg, FR
Jun 14 Luzarn-Littau, CH
Jun 15 Zell Am See/AT
Jun 16 Graz, AT



new T-shirts #2

This one is limited edition (45) and its collaboration T shirt between  Black Sheep, hardcore place in Novi Sad & Grave skateboards, skate company of our friend Zulexxx from Deer in the Headlights.

new T-shirts

yep, new Hardcore Novi Sad T-shirts. You can get one on Hardcore shows in Novi Sad or Rebuild distro and in Black sheep place in Novi Sad (Crna Ovca).

Thursday, May 31, 2012


We believe that Hardcore is more than music and that Hardcore shows are more than just a places to be  on Saturday night for having a good time. So we will share with you some inspirational words and Hardcore philosophy from people involved into underground scene from all over the world. 
Take care
You come into this world with your fate already laid out for you. No matter you race, gender, sexuality, or economic status, there  is a well-traveled path that you are expected to follow and everyone has an archetype to fit into and a role to play. You go to their schools, you adopt their values, you slave in their institutions, you buy their distractions, and most of all you follow their rules. It seems that life and death are bookends to a lifetime of obedience to a system aimed at striping you of your individuality and controlling you through fear. Don't question the system or you will be marked as a fool. Don't stand up for what you believe in or you will be an outcast. Don't go against the grain or you will be beaten down by the fists of conformity. Keep quit, known your place, play your role.

For some people there is no other way. Maybe they have never stopped to question how their lives have unfolded, maybe they have never been encouraged to break the mold, or maybe they are too afraid to stand up and live life by their own rules. But, for the select few with the desire, and courage to take control of their own existence there is something more to connect to - Hardcore. More than a type of music, a fashion, or the scene to hang out in, Hardcore is a way of life. A steadfast refusal to being just another pebble on the beach, and an unrelenting commitment to forging your own path. Its a life of connecting to new ideas, learning about the world around you, questioning the norms, and standing up for your beliefs. Most of all Hardcore is a discipline of freedom aimed at changing the world around us, forging meanings in our lives, and actualizing our true identities. Its true that like any social setting,  that community that supports this lifestyle suffers from the same trends, gossip, and materialism of typical society. But, beyond these distractions there lays a profound truth to be found-if we have the courage we can break free of the system and take back our lives. Treue Hardcore lives, show the way.

-Patrick Kitzel, Reaper records
-Aram Arslanian, React! records

New Through these Eyes song

Great new song from Novi Sad finest youth crew band, Through These Eyes. Song Dead Dinner you can find on new REBUILD HARDCORE NOVI SAD:2012 compilation.
I know you won't hear this, you rather close your eyes & shut your ears.
We use animals like they grow on the trees.
Experiment on them like they're paper sheets.
They feel everything you do to them.
How many should be killed 'till you understand?

Sorry, some must speak in their name,
when you can't understand their screams in vain.
They are suffering in great pain.
Millions & millions, day after day!

You see it's afraid and in pain, starting to run for it's life, but you don't care.
It's protesting, in absolute fear, begging you to stop.
No, you hurt them, you smile, you cut them open while they are still breathing.
Their lifes in your hands? Who are you to judge?

Fear! Scream! Pain! Blood! Dead Dinner (x3)
Just see it, just feel it, just see it, just feel it!

Today I scream in their name,
please, please stop and feel their pain!
They are suffering in great pain.
Millions & millions, day after day!

To be Punk FEST day two: TO BE HARDCORE

artwork by  Mortea Design
Become As One

Black Sails

Furtive Forest
Deer in The headlights


Reflections of internal Rain
Business as Usual
Business as Usual

Through These Eyes
all photos by Jelena Acin

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finally new compilation is out. After scene revival last year we put a lot of effort and the new Hardcore Novi Sad compilation is out with the great help from local student cultural center and our friends from the scene. So, here it is: The BEST from hardcore Novi Sad. Take care and support underground hardcore.
If you want a copy write us on rebuildcollective [at] riseup [dot] net
You can find this compilation in Bosnia(Deer in the headlights), Germany(Business as Usual), Croatia (Black Sails) and on ROIR tour next month all over Europe. Contact us for more details.
take care


We survived weekend and To be Punk.Hardcore Fest on Sunday and we will be hitting the road again. This will be the first time we set up the show in Belgrade with great help of our friends form NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Come and enjoy good underground hardcore show...well actually the show will be on 6th floor so one word...AMAZING!!!
Show details:

Noose /Chicago straight edge , USA
Furtive Forest / Srpska Umea hardcore, Novi Sad
Conviction / Metal hardcore, Novi Sad
Nothing Else to Do / hardcorepunk, Belgrade

BIGZ / Vojvode Misica 17

200 rsd / 2e

Show starts at 9pm

"The state of nature…it’s coming back
The war of all against all.
I’ll survive this chaos…on the straight edge!"

Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Vault of Pain song...

Our bros from Vault Of Pain  just recorded new song "Unbreakable Horizon"

Guided by heart
Mind stays sharp
Focused on end
There's no fall for me!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

rebuild newsletter#3
february 2012
you can get one on our shows or in Black sheep place in Novi Sad.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rebuild & Business as usual in Ox magazine

Ox magazine april-may. Hardcore, more than music.
Thanks to Chris and BAU crew for telling the story about our scene and for helping us grow.♥

For more info about EQUIPMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE go to

For a hardcore scene in Novi Sad, Serbia: More than music
equipment support initiative
When we crossed the suburbs of Novi Sad (population: 400,000), I am shocked.        
Vacancies, collapsed buildings, an omnipresent grey. 24 hours later, the world looks completely different. After a successful BUSINESS AS USUAL show and a nice sightseeing tour we sit together with Bojan (REBUILD COLLECTIVE) at the Danube (Donau)  beach and joke around. It is a rare and nice feeling to have so many things in common.

Who would have thought that we would meet such a positive way of life here. In a society which knows failing states, war and NATO air-raids as well as economic depression. Which experienced nationalism and dictatorship and which managed a revolution in 1999 that had no further implications. A society formed by the politics of former henchmen of the Milošević-regime, capitalistic exploitation, corruption and the mafia. A society staring into a gaping abyss between poor and rich, in which 1.5 of 6 million people are unemployed. In which a lack of prospects goes hand in hand with feelings of helplessness.
Yet, where many people would lose all hope, the kids here just start to do something. “Unity through diversity” is the motto of the REBUILD COLLECTIVE, a young organization of old stagers and enthusiastic kids. REBUILD organizes hardcore/punk shows, does PR, assists and supports bands and promotes a positive lifestyle.
This is not easy, since the situation concerning hardcore and punk in Novi Sad is difficult. There are fantastic bands like THROUGH THESE EYES, ALL EXCEPT ONE, FURTIVE FOREST, but they are not able to tour and communicate their ideas to the rest of Europe. They do not have their own places to practice; since they do not have their own equipment, they pay for each rehearsal. For a show, they are forced to borrow their equipment, pay the club, the technician, the security. This quickly amounts to 150 Euros, while the entrance fee is 2 Euros. You can add up for yourself how profitable that is. By the way, 2 Euros are pretty much contrasted with a monthly income of 250 Euros and a juvenile unemployment lying above the European average. Especially younger kids cannot even afford this, but if there is a chance, they put everything together, organize carpools and come from all over the region to see the touring and the local bands. For the bands there only rarely remains a plus. Given these conditions it is a small wonder that a vital scene has been founded which organizes concerts on a weekly basis.
The key to keeping this scene alive and guaranteeing its development is the equipment. This costs as much as the equipment in Germany, if not more than that. Due to the protectionism import tariff must be paid which turns the expensive goods into unattainable goods. Only if the whole scene is provided with equipment, REBUILD would be able to save money, provide the local bands with a complete backline and send them on tour.
Thus, our band BUSINESS AS USUAL collects equipment with the EQUIPMENT SUPPORT INITIATIVE to bring it to Novi Sad supporting the local subculture. We would be happy if people would like to help us realizing this initiative. Word-of-mouth recommendations are necessary, but real help and action is essential.
BUSINESS AS USUAL started organizing solidarity shows to spread the idea and to collect equipment. Even a D.I.Y. sampler has been released. The first pieces of equipment has already been collected and the first transport is about to start. Friends and bands driving into the region and the NGO SCHUELER HELFEN LEBEN (Students help to live) support us. Our goal is to found a long-term initiative which first donates equipment to REBUILD and helps to equip the club CK 13. We need everything which belongs to a good backline: guitar and bass amps, speakers, PA (parts), monitors, microphones and cables. Everything a band needs – for free would be best. Please help!
Until then, we can only recommend every band to go to Novi Sad. The historically important city at the Danube (Donau) with its flair of the k.u.k. monarchy teaches you the beauty of socialist mouse-grey; you see a nice historic center and drink coffee in front of the mafia restaurant at the fortification of Petrovaradin. Alternatively, you can have tofu-pasta-pieces of art in the university district, which you can enjoy at the Danube beach. In the evening, Serbian bands lovingly wear out your high-end equipment and play you off the stage with their experience and skills. After that, you can have – if you would like to drink – tasty beer in bottles of 2 liters. 

 translation by 
Kevizzel from BAU

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IN SANE / Slovenia

House show in Novi Sad

HOUSE SHOW - Thursday - 26 April - 2012 - Novi Sad


LD KHARST / post hardcore-instrumental / Francuska

REFLECTIONS OF INTERNAL RAIN / PMA- hardcorepunk- salsa / Sirbistan

. facebook

.last fm

. download
Reflection of Internal Rain - "Last Flood" 2009

. split w/deer in the headlights

.after party 22h
CRNA OVCA / Kralja Aleksandra 10- I sprat

26 - APRIL  - 2012
Email us if you want to come to find out about house adress.
rebuild.collective at gmail dot com

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Hardcore is more than music

14 songs of quality hardcore

Through These Eyes: Positive, Straightedge, Youth Crew
All Except One: Streetcore. Sounds to me a little bit like Kassel Hardcore of the late 90s
Furtive Forest: Modern Hardcore. A tiny bit of Modern Life Is War, a little Verse, a bit of Ruiner and some Tool

Pay 2-5€ + postal and package
Every cent goes in the initiative!
Write some mail if you want to support the initiative through buying or spreading the sampler!

For more info about Equipment Support Initiative go to

Pics or it didn't happen...

Some photos from RC's shows in March this year.

if you want to see more photos go to

Rebuild collective's photostream


Monday, February 6, 2012

Hardcorepunk show

its clobberin time!!!
artwork by our comrade

KINGDOM (Philadelphia, USA)
. listen here

WRONG ANSWER (Philadelphia, USA)



.fb page

+we will organize VEGAN OPEN KITCHEN that night. stay free. live vegan.

Thursday, February 9th at 9:00pm, 500rsd @ CK13, Novi Sad


Sunday, February 5, 2012

On the road again ... Hardcore Show - Part5! - Zrenjanin 28.01.2012.

The day started with our Slovenian friend finishing his chest piece tattoo in Novi Sad, followed by settling the score with vegan food in a Chinese restaurant. During the remains of the day, root beer was drunk in Crna Ovca and friends were awaited for a trip to the plains where our dear Zrenjanin, or Petrovgrad and Bechkerek, how some like calling it, was.

Soon enough, Janak (All Except One) told us that yet another crew, consisting of Italians, got lost in the plains, being incapable of finding Zrenjanin. We found them in Detelinara, a part of Novi Sad, even though they claimed that they were on the highway, which was 5km away from their current location. However, the mess was more than compensated for, taking into consideration that the crew was great. This is the third Italian band that experienced GPS problems on their way to Zrenjanin, as far as I can recall. Something obscure is at hand here, for sure.

In the extremely cold weather, in Zrenjanin, Janak greeted us with a ton of lenten cookies and juices. That was a total win. Since the gig was in the suburban area of Zrenjanin, in Muzlja and the Zeppelin club, we made the 10 min trip from Zrenjanin to Muzlja shorter with at least a kilo of gulped cookies. Thanxxx Janak!

In Muzlja, Vuk Vukosav met us in his wedding tuxedo with a Chain of Strength around his neck. He managed to get there 2 hours before us by a van packed with NS youth crew members, setting the fun off.

The organizer of this awesome hardcore event, Pishta, played with his band, Remedy, first. Firstly, the sound was brilliant. The sound guy was shitfaced, swimming whole night long on the floor with his leather jacket companion, setting up the sound perfectly beforehand. Remedy kicked some serious ass. This band has gone far since I've first heard of them and I just need to mention Pishta's voice which can simply be described as excellent, old school vocal which lifted the atmosphere of the gig to a whole new level, giving Remedy a great final touch. The crowd met the band with confetti and chaos on the dancefloor. And boy was it chaos! People enjoyed themselves to the max, raging to the sounds of excellent old school hardcore.
After Remedy, Sakagija, lads from Sombor, came to the stage. Now, in order not to talk crap, honestly, I used the time during their set to spend some time with the people I don't see that often. Hence, I stayed at the merch stand throughout the gig. From there, I cold hardly hear any sounds coming from the stage. So, check out these guys on their Myspace page for more details:

Then, came us, Furtive Forest, onto the stage. I am not particularly fond of stages because I squeeze in with the crowds and protect our guitar player. I did the same thing after I saw that the atmosphere went berserk. At one moment, I glanced at Vuk, who was lying over the bass drum, trying his best to stand up. He was not used to such chaoshe seems to be a couple of hardcore push-ups behind on his schedule (*giggle*). The sound was, again, on a high level, the crowd were excellent and I can say, speaking for the entire bandthis was the best gig we've had so far. I'm not sure if it was the best from the perspective of musical precision and punctuality; I cannot know that and be interested in it since I'm no metalhead. Yet, as far as the energy, atmosphere and hanging out are concerned, this is certainly a peak. When I heardHardcore is Life, yelled out from the audience and saw Janko, Rogi and the whole All Except One crew, all friends of mine, I re-experienced the whole feeling which makes me glad to have been there in that very moment, sharing it with the rest of the guys.
All Except One!!!! I cannot be completely objective. These guys climb onto the stage and rip some 90s new school hardcore. There were some TRIAL and Integrity influences too. The crowds were on fire. The atmosphere was pretty much the same as the one you can see when watching an awesome USA-made video of similar gigs. Actually, this can only be better. Simply, AEO is, in my personal opinion, the best Serbian hardcore band which can and needs to do a lot more. The guys still lack a proper album after almost 8 years of being around, let alone a tour of two, since they kick ass. These Banat folks seem lazy, but Janak keeps convincing me that it will all change, and I remain positive that it will. The rest of the world is bound to hear about this band. To my embezzlement, they played an awesome emotional hardcore 4-5 min number. Actually, they have cut it in half, since it was already around 2:30am. When I say emotional, I mean the real stuff, reflected through bands like Dag Nasty, the last Turning Point, Embrace, and the likes, not the screaming and hysterical attacks from the 2000 scene. A great show.

 La Prospettiva, came onto the stage last. The started their show with New Direction from Gorilla Biscuits and carried on in such a style. Melodic, aggressive, fast and hardcore. A younger band which holds great promise, provided they stick together. They brought their debut material with them and we assembled, printed, cut and burnt it ourselves, DIY, awesome. Hardcore by the book, far away from commercialization and exploitation. Pure energy, great music and a clear message.

The gig was over around 4pm. We haven't taken part at such a ferociously sincere gig for a long time. Our gig from Zemun, which took place a month ago, with our friends Deer in the Headlights, flashed before my eyes. The crowd, consisting of about 20 people, were beautifully properly dressed, far away from the stage and that would be the detailed description of the gig atmosphere. On the other hand, this is Zrenjanin was the thing we live for and the thing we sing about. So, that is why we will continue giving our best to keep on sharing this awesome thing called hardcore.

To wrap things up, the next day, around noon, we ended up in Novi Sad's skate park with La Prospettiva, who nailed the mini ramp, had a couple of shakes in the Ovca and said our goodbyes, but only until they come visit us again.